Monday, March 15, 2010

More Inspiring Women

Meg Loman just published an article called "Inspiring Women in Science".  I found it interesting that she asks a similar question of her students as I do: Name three famous women scientists (I ask for five).  She gets a similar response: almost none can name three and many struggle to get even one.  A few name their professor.

She reports a list of top women scientists from a poll conducted by New Scientist magazine.  There are a few in that list that I did not include in a previous blog in which I provided pictures of famous women scientists and naturalists.  Check it out and see how many you know.

Loman additionally mentions a poll of 10,000 members of the Ecological Society of America, which found that: 1) women members still earn on average only two thirds the salary of male counterparts and 2) only 10% of the leadership in this field is occupied by women.  I've not reviewed this particular report yet, but readers can check it out on the ESA website.

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