Saturday, June 23, 2012

"Science: It's a Girl Thing" Is Not a Good Thing

If you caught my last post, you saw the appalling 53 second video put out by the European Commission (on June 21), "Science: It's a Girl Thing", which was designed to attract girls to the field of science.  As some have described it, the video looks like a cross between a cosmetics commercial and Sex in the City.

Just as I was wondering why the EC would continue to allow the video to be seen on YouTube in the face of all the withering criticism zinging around the internet, the video was yanked the following day (June 22).  If you try to access the original link, you are informed that the video has been made "private".  I realized this when I forwarded my post to someone who later said they could not view the video.  When I checked, sure enough, it was no longer accessible.

Fortunately, some alert bloggers copied the video and reposted it.  I updated the link in the previous post so that it is still viewable in all its glory. We should all view it periodically to remind us that gender stereotypes are still alive and well and (especially) how we can avoid making similar blunders. 

Here is an interview with a female scientist about her reaction to the video:

Here are some more reactions from other bloggers and commenters:

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Perhaps the creators of the video should take a look at this site: This Is What A Scientist Looks Like

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