Monday, September 10, 2012

Help Wikipedia Improve Articles about Women in Science

I just came across an announcement about an "edit-a-thon" workshop sponsored by the Royal Society, London and with the goal of improving articles in Wikipedia about women in science.  It will be held October 19, 2012, 14.30 to 20.00 at the Royal Society's library.  The plan is for attendees to work together on pre-selected Wikipedia articles to edit them, using the library's resources, which include a collection of printed works about women in science (e.g., biographies).

Here's the link:

I imagine few of us will be able to attend this event, and there does not seem to be a way to attend electronically.   However, the basic idea of the workshop seems to be good and could be extended to develop a movement to encourage those who have the knowledge and editing expertise to write or improve Wikipedia articles about women in science.

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