Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We need a logo

Someone suggested early on that we develop a logo and t-shirts for the Women in Wetlands section. I think this is a good idea, especially with the meeting in Madison coming up. I can't recall who suggested this, but if any of you have been involved in getting t-shirts for SWS or other organizations, we could use your input.

Please post any ideas you have regarding the logo and/or t-shirts. If you have any ideas or designs in mind, send them to me and I'll post them.

If we can select a design in time, we might be able to have t-shirts available in Madison. The proceeds could go to our section and/or to set up a scholarship fund.

Any other ideas?


Ariana Sutton-Grier said...

Here is a logo idea. I am envisioning the "women" part of this shirt in a subtle way. What about a big "female" sign (you know the circle with a cross at the bottom) where the circle is quite large and the cross is much smaller at the bottom. Then inside the circle a beautiful wetland (maybe with emergent vegetation, a wading bird, some fish or crabs, etc?). On the back it could say "Women in Wetlands." I would suggest choosing one of the more fitted t-shirts to put the design on since women tend to love these.

DrDoyenne said...

That's a great idea--actually what I was thinking exactly.

Any one else have ideas?

Allison said...

How about a modification of the Marines logo:
"Women in Wetlands:
The few, the proud, the palustrine"
along with an image like the one Ariana described, or a historic photo like the one of Cowles' female students?

Ariana said...

Oh, I like the idea of the old photo with Cowles' students! It would be cool if we could juxtapose the older photo with a recent photo (of our group at the conference, for example). Past and present women wetland scholars/leaders... Maybe this would a good idea for website content?

Erin said...

I like all of the ideas so far. I have one more suggestion. What about a logo that resembles wonder woman's WiW, something like this, if it hopefully shows up correctly on this site: