Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dance Your Dissertation--Huh?

OK. I can't resist telling about this and pointing you to a video on YouTube.

AAAS and Science host a contest in which scientists interpret their dissertation research in a dance video. The idea is to combine science and art. You have to prepare the video, post it on YouTube, and provide an abstract explaining it. This year's winner (in the professor category) is LSU professor Vincent LiCata for his video, "A Molecular Dance in the Blood, Observed". His video, featuring himself and three students/colleagues has had over 45,000 views on YouTube. An article describing his win is featured on the LSU homepage and his video entry can be viewed here on YouTube.

Regardless of what you may think of this idea, you have to admit that these researchers know how to have fun!

Next fall, LiCata is teaching a course on science in the theater and movies. I may sign up.....

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Anonymous said...

What about WiW members getting together in Madison and doing a video?

Not sure how it should be done, but lots of science-based groups are doing stuff like this and posting on YouTube.

Here's one:

It's called PCR Song--put out by BioRad.