Friday, March 6, 2009

Women's History Month

Note that this is Women's History Month with various Federal agencies and other organizations celebrating the role of women in protecting the environment.

The following is an excerpt from a memo sent out by the acting director of the National Park Service to employees this week (thanks to Joy M. and Dr Wetland for forwarding it):

"March is Women’s History Month. The observance began as Women’s History Week in 1978 and expanded to the entire month of March in 1987. The theme for this year’s celebration is “Women Taking the Lead to Save Our Planet.” We honor women who have taken the lead in the environmental or green

President Obama in his March 3, 2009, proclamation designating March as Women’s History Month stated, “These women helped protect our environment and people while challenging the status quo and breaking social barriers. Their achievements inspired generations of American women and men not only to save our planet, but also to overcome obstacles and pursue their interests and talents. They join a long and proud history of American women leaders, and this month we honor the contributions of all women to our Nation.”

The Garden Club of America, historically a women's organization, strongly supported the creation of the National Park Service. Women were at the forefront of the movement to preserve Mesa Verde. They were active members of the Sierra Club and other organizations that worked to protect Yosemite, Glacier Bay and other parklands. Marjory Stoneman Douglas dedicated her life to protecting and restoring the Florida Everglades. Her book, The Everglades: Rivers of Grass, published in 1947, led to the preservation of the Everglades as a National Park."

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